Peers In VS Peers Out

What is the difference in terms of In and Out as displayed in Guild Liveview?

Should a relay show up as in and out on the BP node?

Yes, otherwise you won’t be minthing any blocks. I did this mistake once, don’t be me.

In/Out on the BP node means the BP is receiving incoming connection from the perrs and can reach out to the peers respectvely.

In = someone fetches blocks from you. Needed to propagate you blocks.
Out = your connections to other nodes. You are fetching blocks from there.

Both connection types are absolutely needed!

Thank you @Shibu_Gope and @Markus-VITAL

I have a BP and relay on one network and another relay on a separate network.

My external relay shows an In connection but not an Out. The internal relay shows on both In and Out.

In your opinion, would you have the external relay connecting Out as well?

Yes, both the relays must be able to reach BP to propagate blocks and BP must be able to connect to them to sync the blockchain.

Check your firewall settings, something must be blocking it

I haven’t opened the connection from BP to external relay yet.

So my BP, has 2 Out connections and 1 In. The In connection being the internal relay.

My external and internal relay have both in/out with each other.