Phone Calls Out Of The Blue

I have started receiving phone calls from the UK and another place,the man has an American accent, urging me to sell ADA which they keep degrading,and trade for XRP or BTC,saying there will be much more profit, making kind of rude sighs etc over the phone. I have no idea how they got my number or how they knew l held ADA.When l say no,they quickly end the conversation saying they will ring again.Anyone else experienced this kind of thing?

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No fortunately, but I’d take your name off your profile.

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That is very unusual …

If they call again tell them ok, I will do it … how ?
Analyse their responses!

Ok good idea.Thanks. Ha,last week he wanted me to buy XRP,it just want up 35%!!!

If they did this to you they did also to others who I imagine they bought
Maybe this is why the spike of XRP

it sounds like you need to relocate and change your name