Poll- what is the break even point for you?

Without revealing too much about your holdings, what is the break even point for you with :cardano:? Most of us are down significantly from our investment and I personally have been dollar cost averaging pretty much the whole year so I’m curious to find out where I stand in the community. If you add up all your investment in Cardano up to this point what ballpark would :ada: have to hit for you to break even? Ive made the poll anonymously for privacy reasons

  • 1.3
  • 1.1
  • 1
  • .9
  • .8
  • .7
  • .6
  • .5
  • .4
  • .3
  • .2
  • .1
  • .09
  • .08
  • .07
  • .06
  • .05
  • .04

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You should make another one: what’s your selling price? To see at what price level people would dump their coins. Could be very informative.

Actually I don’t have this problem of devaluation of the coin vs my investments in ADA as I loaded as much as I could during this market crush, actually I have profits in ADA
Never traded ADA just accumulating …


I don’t want to ask people when they want to sell, that’s their business. I don’t really care about that. I’m still dollar cost averaging, and calculating my progress in how low I can get my break even point before I finally start making a profit! and feel like I’m doing things right! Right now when anyone asks how my crypto is doing, it’s like a stab in the heart :heart: :dagger:

The selling price would most likely be completely different, ranging from 1.3$-$25

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That’s awesome! unfortunately not the same case for me. The price of :ada: would have to **** before I feel like I’m in the green!

Just want to remind everyone that it took BTC about 10 years to see any real traction. :slight_smile:

Keep :cardano: and :ada: on. (supposed to be a pun on “Keep calm and carry on” :slight_smile:)


I have no doubts :cardano: will make up very happy before we even hit 2020!


Yet you care about their cost basis… if you knew how markets functioned, you’d want to know the selling price to time building your positions but I digress. That’s a whole other topic.

What I mean is I don’t care about pressuring people as a community, shaming people or labeling them as “weak hands” based on their targets

How do you make the Ada symbol appear in messages? (or the Cardano symbol)

That wasn’t implied in my message. Sorry if this is how you read it. People have the right to do anything they want with their funds. If someone decides $5 is their ceiling so be it.

If the poll is anonymous, no such problem will exist with labeling.

It could give you an idea of psychological pressure points at which market supply would outstrip demand thereby giving you a chance to pick up some ADA at a discount.

People probably will be selling gradually. I have a feeling $1-3 won’t be a compelling enough case for majority, given the potential of Cardano, but I could be wrong.

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It’s usually all the way down in the emojis

cool, thank you. Keep calm and carry on. Or… Keep :cardano: and :ada: on! :smile:

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It’s funny you should post this I was thinking of posting a link to Back in Black by AC/DC when we finally hit the ATH price again.


I like this keep Cardano and Ada on ! or Cardada ! Hodl just went 3rd generation portmanteau style.


That guy looks like he bought btc at 20k a piece and went long for 100k in 2019… or it could just be your ordinary run of the mill facial expression of a depressed day trader…Hopefully not a suicidal one.

Oh yeah probably a few of those out there (20k buyers) …
Was more going for a battle shout but feel free to add meme^^

(Cardada Cimetta)


I picked .6 as my break even. It is actually .06 if you can or care to update your poll.

Sorry just really liked Cardada so one last from me. When the Samurai meets the Lion - Cardada will be strong.

(image from here)

(Image from here)

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You’re the only one who can do that, you just need to press hide results and pick .06