Pool Name and Info not showing

This time I used jsonkeeper for my json files, could you check again if you see me in daedalus now?

nope, no dice in Daedalus

use wget [url to file] to pull your file - look at it to make sure it’s raw json and not html

from there calculate the hash and use that hash in the pool registration

also, url shorteners have given operators problems here in the past - you can always host on git (make sure to reference the raw json) being sure to a low character name for the repo to ensure the URL is within the 64 character limit

You were right ADAfrog, the json was slightly changed during uploading, so I got a different hash from the json I got by wget than the one I uploaded.

Am I now visible in Daedalus?

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You are indeed.

Welcome to the show

Thank you so much ADAfrog! You’ve been really helpfull.

For any StakeOP who has the same problem as me, that is, the pool is not showing in Daedalus or on ADApools do the following:

  1. Upload your JSON Files preferreably on https, I used jsonkeeper as it gives a URL shorter than 64 characters
  2. Also use a https solution for your png pool Image, I had problems with just http
  3. Download your uploaded json files again, make sure you use the link to the RAW json, that means when you download your json you just see the same file you uploaded (except for spaces and line breaks which might change) but make sure you don’t see html code
  4. If you made sure you have acces to the pure json, download it and calculate the hash of the downloaded json as the uploading service might change tabs, spaces or line breaks, which changes the hash of the json
  5. Now generate a new registration certificate and submit it to the blockchain as explained here:
  6. Wait at least one complete day for your info to show up on ADApools

That should do the trick!

See solution :slight_smile: