Pool.vet : "Extended metadata missing"

I’ve launched my pool and pasted my poolId to pool.vet.
I got the following message and I do not know how to address it.

How do I address the orange “INFO” ???


You can define extend metadata about your pool - so you need to add a new field extended to your original metada file.
Here is mine: https://adappt.online/pool_metadata.json

  "name": "Adappt Online",
  "description": "Adappt Online pool supports Cardano and the concept of DApps. On-premise servers with 24/7 monitoring.",
  "ticker": "ADAPT",
  "homepage": "https://adappt.online",
  "extended": "https://adappt.online/extended_poolmeta.json"

and check the example how an extended metadata can look like
that is mine - https://adappt.online/extended_poolmeta.json

So this needs a pool re-registration since the hash of the original metadata will be different.

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is it essential? or can i get away with not having extend metadata ? will it affect my chance of being selected to create blocks?

these extended information used by pool explorers like pooltool.io but not by Daedalus.
Yoroi using adapools.org - so when a delegator searching for a pool those information could be attractive to them - means more delegations, more block creation. But without this, your pool is ready to create blocks.

@laplasz I will address the extended metadata.
just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind answering. How long after you launched your pool until you produced your first block?

I think the question is how much delegated ADA needed for block creation. so 10.000 ADA ~ one year, 100.000 ADA ~1 month, 1M ADA ~1 epoch… to create a block… that is not a super accurate, but can be a guideline…


Just to clarify, I modifying my
poolMetaData.json file ? (from CoinCashew Guide)

yes, correct.

No it’s not essential, only optional. No further action required. As others pointed out extended metadata can be used for marketing.