Port on Relay-Nodes needs to be 6000?

Hey Guys,

Hopefully someone can help me out :wink:
I checked the forum but did not find any solution for this.

Latley I run newly Pool and did some changes (also in the meta-data).
Hash is fine - both - on GitHub as well as on the BP-Node.

ADAPools does also print that my pool getting updated - but curiously without the TICKER - only with the ID.
Also I can only find the Pool via Ticker in the “direct-search”.
If I use the “pool-search” it does not show my pool. (only with the ID)
It only updated the extended Meta-file (picture is visible now, description changed) but without the Ticker.

Could it be that it also take more then one day that it updates the Ticker aswell?
On e.g. Eternl - I can search for the ticker and its working.
Yoroi of course not (since its powerd by adapools)

Pool.vet saying everything is fine - except the Ports from my Relays.

So I was thinking if this could also causes an issue?
My BP as well as my Relays are running on an different Port as 6000.
But this shouldnt be a Problem for Pool-Data (like Ticker showing on adapools) since its coming from the Meta-Files or am I wrong?

I appreciate for any help/infos.



U can use which port u want… what is the ticker?


Hey Alexd,

First of all - thank you - you are doing a great work in this forum - while playin around in the testnet searching here you gave a lot of answers :wink:

PoolTicker is CLP


I don’t see an issue, I believe there are some filters applied by default on adapools.org

Now u must fix the relays connections


I see u registered with port 6000 and u said u are using another port when u started the pool… u have to options…

  • to submit a new pool certificate with the correct port
  • to start the relays with port 6000 (u will need to update also the BP topology file)


Thanks bro! :slight_smile:

Hm…yeah lets wait otherwhise I will try to get the json up to my homepage insteed of github…lets see

for the second topic:
changed the ports …did a mistake :smiley:
I moved back to the old Ports and changed the config (submitted a new pool cert) with correct ports
pool.vet also saying reachable now.

only curious thing now is that one relay-node is going to the BP (showing out)
but the incoming is showing of its own IP :S not sure where this is coming from
same on BP - outgoing to both relays but incoming one from the relay and one from “itselfs” ip…

The servers are running on cloud or at home? And using a private network (the nodes have private IPs or public IPs)?

cloud-based - currently nodes have public IPs…
The strange thing is that they were running fine 20minutes ago.
I changed the Ports of both relays - to 6000 and updated the topoligy on BP.
Then i saw that one of my relay gets the outcoming from BP but incoming from itself - vica versa from the BP
Now I switched back to the old Ports and re-configured the pool-cert with the corrected Ports.

I think there might be aproblem with the internal IPs and DNS resolvers…
Since the second relay which is based in america (insteed of germany) is working fine :S

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Looks ok now


Adapools search is ok, I changed some filters



Aaaahhhh CHEERS alexd :slight_smile: thank you.

Regarding the IPs - I will make a rollback and check again - but now I have a little better understanding again regarding the ports …:wink: well - just little things change everything heheh

thank you sir!


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