Problem whith Yeroi wallet. Can't staking and widdrow with Ledger Nano S and Yoroi-Shelley: Something unexpected happened. Please retry

Hi there 
I’m using the Yoroi-Shelley Ledger Wallet together with my Ledger Nano S with Firefox. Every time I want to Delegate coins to a pool, or just send funds I’m getting an error which says ’ Something unexpected happened. Please retry.’. This happens right after the plugin want’s to connect to my Ledger and I clicked the right button on Step 1 in the process. I’m using version the latest version of the Ledger Live and the last update from the Cardano application on my device, but it did not help. I am very worried because now I cannot withdraw my coins from Yeroi wallet Can somebody please help me???
Thanks, advance

try with chrome browser and if still not working connect the ledger on and perform transactions from there.


Thank you for efficiency! Just to try an Adalite or Chrom version for this to me at the beginning it is necessary to withdraw my tokens from my Yoroi wallet on Firefox. He does not give me to withdraw. I’m stuck and I can not withdraw them to the problem

the yoroi wallet from Firefox is a simple wallet?

I do not know the simple he or not simple, just downloaded it on official extensions for Firefox

Do all my funds disappear. I’m shocked, it will be a catastrophe for me, why I sent my savings into this damn Yeroi. Someone came across this problem. Please help me

I do not know the simple he or not simple, just downloaded it on official extensions for Firefox

Ok, but near wallet name do u see the ledger word? Can u share a print with the yoroi (wallet name) and also an address from yoroi?

ok one minute

Man, first u will need to understand that the funds are not on yoroi, are on blockchain (secured by ledger)… yoroi is just an app to access them… now, if u have issues with yoroi u can open the browser and type (it’s a safe wallet web based)

Now connect the ledger on and perform transactions.

You will 100%

Hey man, I did it. I’m so glad, And all thanks to your tip👍🏻)). Thank you very much for your help)))
Now I understand something​:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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