Yoroi w/Ledger Nano S - Delegation

Hi all,

I could successfully create a new Shelley wallet (Yoroi) with my Ledger Nano S and transfer some ADA to it. However, when I try to delegate to a stakepool, I choose connect with usb, connect my Ledger, unlock it and open the Cardano ADA app. When I finally click on delegate in the Yoroi app, I get the following error: ledgerUtils::connectionHandler deviceID is null

So, obviously, my ledger isn’t being recognized … any hints what I might be missing?

Pixel 3a with Yoroi Wallet v3.2.0
Cardano ADA app v2.0.4
Ledger Nano S firmware v1.6.1

Thanks, Patrik

Yeah. I have exactly the same problem.

Not sure if @SebastienGllmt is checking this forum regulary but you could also ask in the offical cardano discord for help. He got a Yoroi channel there and is helping people when they need support like that.

Here is the link : https://discord.gg/NPSfNP


Thanks! I’ve posted the question in the Yoroi support channel in discord …

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