Problem with the transaction of funds to the Anybit wallet

I have a problem, I sent funds from the exchange to the AnyBit wallet and they are not there, as if it does not work.
In the blockchain, it calls that funds are on that wallet, but are not displayed in it. There are 18 seed phrases in the wallet, but the wallet does not regenerate the private key so that I can connect from another. What should I do ?
I hold these funds for 2 years ((((

I would suggest you get another wallet and send your ada to it from AnyBit. Yoroi is good, official and easy to use.

yes, but I can’t do this (((I probably have AnyBit not synchronizing with the blockchain, the funds in the wallet itself are not displayed, although the blockchain shows that they are there …

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This might be due to necessary work for the Shelley release, but you could try contacting their support team anyway.

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Will ADA in the future be able to generate a private key for an address through meomics?

ADA is a currency, exporting private key is a wallet feature. Official wallets do so behind the scenes. Please check out the list of wallets (especially last column) here

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