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This is a nice explanation: https://blokt.com/security-blog/coins-on-exchange

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That is a very helpful article. I published the link in a blog post.

The article mentions a paper wallet, but doesn’t say what it is.

Can anyone elucidate?


Thank you Andy, for another very useful resource.

After learning how important it is to move cryptocurrency off the exchange and into a secure wallet, I learned that currently on Crypto dot com, ADA cannot be moved in or out of the App!

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Okay if I include a screenshot from the Crypto dot com App?

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As a follow-up to my question, I wrote to support at Crypto dot com yesterday, asking about the inability to transfer ADA out of the App.

Their response was received this morning. I am pleased with the promptness and professionalism of their support:

To my email inquiry, Crypto dot com responded with 24 hours:

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your email.

The team is working on the ADA integration in the app to be completed as soon as possible.

We will announce as soon as the deposits and withdrawals are open.
Contact us anytime if you have a question.

Best regards,
The Crypto dot com Team

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In thinking about sexagesimal, other than being a throw back from the sumerian era, are there any uses that we use it for today other than the measurement for time albeit slightly modiied?

Thx @Andy_Hendrikx


I think it means anything about Cardano :grin:

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It was worth a try :smiley:, I find base numbering systems fascinating, it would seem I’ll have to do my own research :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HI. From what hubby and I have learned, you move into a cold/hard wallet as soon as you can and do not hold on any exchange, for this is how/when the hacking/loss can occur. :v:t4:

Indeed, Hard/Cold wallets are more secure than an exchange for storing crypto. :vulcan_salute:

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I hope this is the right place to ask a noob question about staking.

  1. Staking produces ADA coins.
  2. The more ADA coins you have and then stake the more coins you get. ADA begets ADA.
  3. The more people buy ADA, the higher the price per coin goes and the more valuable your stake becomes.
  4. There is a huge financial incentive to maintain and increase ADA’s value over time so that your stake increases in value.
  5. Exchanging fiat for ADA and then staking that ADA increases the amount of ADA you get and also the value of that ADA.

Is this right? If so, then over time there is no reason not to see ADA just keep on increasing in value. Or is this all an inflationary bubble? I mean that the more money that comes into ADA the higher its value becomes and the more returns people get. Where does this stop?

Hello guys,I would like to ask is it hard to run your own Stake Pool?If Stake Pool Operator makes some mistake,is it possible all the coins in the pool to get lost?How much reward can stake pool operator expect?Thank you for you answer!

No that can’t happen. I’m not an op and can’t answer your other questions, but they are quite vague and I might not want to spend time trying to answer them if I was an op. Just saying, don’t be too surprised if you get little response – but maybe it’s me who will be surprised! :smile:

@Vaeran YouTube has a wealth of information for those like you and I, who want answers to these questions. I’ve learned a lot from many, many sources. Just make your questions very specific and you’ll receive various channels to learn from… and more! Also, within this Forum by using the search on our menu bar. All the best. :v:t4: :smiley:

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Thank you for your answer,guys!

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Thanks for creating this thread. What books/authors/thinkers have had the greatest influence upon the philosophy behind cardano?
Also, I really like the “purpose” of cardano laid out on the cardano.org. A large factor in the success of this purpose seems to be individual responsibility. Nothing demands responsibility like knowledge. Right now the knowledge gap seems so large between academics, developers and the first movers in the crypto space from the average person. In what ways can an “average” person like myself close this gap to become more responsible/knowledgable and help cardano continue progressing into the future?

Thanks for your thoughts and time :pray:

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Cardano wrote/is writing the book! :grin:

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I had a Yoroi wallet on a pc with a nano x-ledger.
Now i don’t have access to that pc anymore, but off course ,i have my ledger.
I have continued to buy ADA and send them to the same address. I didn’t take part in staking on the testnet even i had most of my ADA before nov-19. Now i want to have Yoroi on my iMac / Safari but am i right that is not possible? Is there no Yore wallet for iMac Safari? I have also a iPad but I can’t connect it to the Ledger Nano x.

Hi Pelle.

Yoroi is only available as browser plugins (e.g. Chrome/Firefox plugin) or available as mobile app.

Emurgo is also working as fast as possible to release staking on the new Shelley codebase so keep an eye on the new releases.