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Crypto Hunt game CEO skipped out on the team. Would Cardano consider picking up the pieces and using the game as a real world test case for interacting with worldwide users @ an entry level introduction to the world of crypto?>

I was unable to find any information on the CEO leaving do you have any links?

The problem with picking up the pieces to someone else’s work is the possibility of that person coming back to the project and claiming the work they put into it, but the developers behind the work could surely come put some work into a game project on the Cardano network.

The business organisation Emurgo might consider it I suppose, why don’t you contact them?

Will get you a link

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That is a horrible story, I hope you were not affected too badly by the losses.

Thanks for the link, I think @RobJF is right and Emurgo would be a great place to start, the benefit of getting involved early on Cardano will do the team some good as they would have high exposure to the ADA holders as there are not hundreds of blockchain projects yet planning to be on Cardano (that I know of anyway).

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Thanks, I have emailed Emurgo, and asked the dev. team from Crypto Hunt to do the same.

Just hate to see a project with so much potential not make it to full use! I have, and will continue to back Cardano! It would be great to see Crypto Hunt successful, and bring many new users to the crypto space! Perhaps it was meant for this game to run on this platform!

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Many people always tell me “Everything happens for a reason”.

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