Registered testnet pool does not show on

I created a block producer node and two relay nodes and registered the pool on the testnet using cntools. As far as I can tell, everything is working correctly. The bp node and both relays are synced to the block chain and I’ve got the topologyUpdater functioning with 16/7 peers connected. The pool has not produced any blocks but all nodes show that they are processing transactions. However, the pool does not show up on or any other similar site. The ticker is GALT0 (galt-zero).


Any ideas where I can begin debugging this issue? It’s been a few days since I registered the pool so I don’t think it’s a timing problem. Thanks.

Usually when that happens, that means you have a wrong pool metadata json. Double check that and that you have the correct hash registered

Thanks DevJohn. Here’s where I’m at with this:

The “name” value in the poolmeta.json file was incorrect and did not match the “name” value in the file. I initially had the name wrong in the meta.json file on github and I told cntools to use that file during the registration. I found the mistake and updated the github meta.json file a couple days ago but I did not update the poolmeta.json file to match at that time. Now the poolmeta.json file on the bp and the file hosted at github match. However, I restarted the cnode service after updating the poolmeta.json file but the pool still doesn’t show on

How do I verify that I have the correct hash registered?

Do the following to be on the safe side:

  1. Create your poolmeta.json file and upload it to your hosting space.
  2. Upload the same poolmeta.json to your hot environment (BP).
  3. Perform this code to check file hash:
cardano-cli stake-pool metadata-hash --pool-metadata-file poolmeta.json
  1. Copy the hash and use it in your stake pool registration certificate using --metadata-hash

Once you are done and you sign the transaction, go to to check your work.

If you are sure that you did the above correctly but it still says “Metadata hash doesn’t match registered hash”, then you need to give it some time to update.

Update: The pool still hasn’t shown up on However, I’ve since learned that there are issues with and the testnet. The good news is that my pool is listed on I guess I’ll just give more time to see if it eventually shows up. It appears that is only for mainnet. However, that’s a good resource to know about when I register on the mainnet. Thanks DevJohn!

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Yes, found this page, letting you know I’m seeing the same thing with my testnet pool. I found it on adatools but not pooltool.

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