Relentless Slide vs. BTC

Shelley, Q2.

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so… early april?

As far as I know, April, May or June.

My guess is they will release shelley around May and it will be fully operational around the end of June. I’m basing this on interviews with Charles.

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You could be right. I know a few people who think ADA will go down to 0.10$.

Myself, I don’t see it. But who knows.

Reading this, I have to admit that it is easily possible that the whole thing could crash Will ADA Whales Ever Give Up Their Power?
…just imagine if the market stays bear all year as it did in 2014… and the ADA WHALES bail? ADA will go down the toilet.

Not trying to FUD here, but it’s wise to accept reality.


We’re cryptoinvestors. I think everyone here more or less understands that it can all go to 0. It’s just our belief that that won’t happen.

I am sure it WILL happen for a great number of coins… but a few will last forever.

ADA is so incredibly new that we can’t really predict at the moment… it looks all good, but this thing about the WHALES is troubling. I also don’t like it on a philosophical level > I thought we were supporting decentralized, trustless systems??

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Even BitConnect didn’t go down to 0 (yet): BitConnect price today, BCC to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

The whale discussion is… intriguing. I’ve yet to make up my mind if we should (try to) do something about it or not. I can see both sides of coin on it. Or at least some good/truth in both camps’ arguments. :thinking:

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It is decentralized. The developers will be voted on by the community after 2020. It is decentralized from the governments, not decentralized from humanity. Plus, expect crackdown on anything that cant be regulated. The fact that this does a good job of finding the middle ground between decentralization and governments is what initially got me interested in this project.


I’m going to hodl to my fiat until some ADA whales got the pressure to sell off.

I constructively agree with @Dagst47. Timely and continuous marketing and support to Dapp / smart contract application developers is absolutely critical to gain momentum, even at early phases. I’ve worked 25 years in internet and telecom standards, and one has to compete for mindshare intelligently to get adoption, even if one has the best technology and architecture (which I think Cardano does).

:rofl:…now, that is funny…if BitConnect did not go to zero, how could ADA?..

If we’re making the comparison, why is Bitconnect currently trading at 3.17$ while Ada is struggling to stay to maintain 10x less than that? This, again, proves my point: you cannot presume that “the better coin will win”.

And for anyone who wants to suggest that “time on the market” increases valuation (i.e.: the “it’s been around longer” argument or conversely “Ada is too NEW of a coin”), let’s look at the historical chart. The Bitconnect token entered the market on Jan 20, 2017 (this is all stuff I’m getting from coinmarketcap). Within about 4 months it grew from 0.16$ on release to 11.72$ (On April 13) per token. Obviously, valuation in crypto has a lot to do with Perceived Value (maybe Deceived Value for that example?). That scam-coin had Zero Value, and was pumped by Pure Promotion.

Cardano has been the opposite to a fault. Go over to the Cardano Marketing thread - it’s like a desperate community-led marketing white board. Nothing wrong with grass-roots efforts, mind you, I fully support their enthusiasm. I’d just like to see it matched by the IOHK institution in a more formal manner.

As for why that crappo bitconnect scam-coin is still around? I have no clue. I’m sure they did something with their new bitconnect “X” or whatever to keep the coin floating around. Maybe Grant and Trevon are HODLing their tokens to pay bail? :wink:

So yeah, I really do believe that Ada “could” go to zero if people lose interest in the project and it never gets implemented. People will just gravitate to the next big thing and Cardano will be a distant memory. OTOH, I think some professional effort put into Marketing/PR could really increase visibility of the project and fast-track Cardano into mainstream implementation. I think @cranium said it better: we need to compete for mindshare.

You need to learn what market cap is, ADA is valued at a lot more than Bitconnect. But yes, of course it is stupid that bitconnect has value in the first place, but that could be said about Bitcoin too lol.

And no, things wont move to the next place, forgot all the hot money, it will come back where it belongs. It doesn’t matter if ADA goes down 90% its still valued at 1 billion dollars, which is probably a lot more real. Cardano just needs to keep doing what they do, not focus on marketing, but building actual product, and focus on their strategy. Not hype and marketing. Cardano has no product, Its vaporware at this point, how can you do any marketing on that. You cant, the only thing you do is short-term pump at the cost of the long term.

The relentless slide against BTC is great, let the fast money exit, it will come back once ADA is ready for it, and they will be buying in at much higher prices for the benefit of long-term holders. And if you really want to pop, then I can tell you the more stupid money that holds ADA, the less chance it has of popping that is for sure, the stupid money enters at the end of these pops.

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Of course I know what a market cap is, don’t be stupid. And Ada isn’t valued more than Bitconnect. Cardano has a market cap that is higher than that of a disrupted Ponzi scheme. Congratulations. Regardless, the bit connect token is currently trading at 10x the value of the Ada token.

I’m thinking you don’t totally see this market capitalization issue straight. You DO realize that most of the Ada coins were not sold at the current valuation, yes? I bought a very large sum at about 2.7 cents each, for example. Cardano/IOHK don’t magically inherit the value of their coin offering and the Market Cap doesn’t reflect the Sale Price of the token. If there were 24B ada sold at 2.7cents, and the last token sold for 1$, suddenly the calculated “market cap” leaps to 24B?? That sounds reasonable to you?

The slide Vs. Bitcoin is a bad thing, and you don’t need a product to win over people’s excitement about the project. You heard about Cardano somewhere, right? People need to be exposed to it in order to value it. And FWIW, long term holders are getting totally Screwed by the likes of people like me who will increase my position on the (super predictable) downslide vs bitcoin. Maybe that’s what you want? A chance to increase your own position? Then at least be honest about it. “No attempt to increase visibility of this project should be performed until the following people have had adequate change to increase their holdings!”

Since I started this thread I’ve gained 10% with the same damn money. Sell. Buy back. Wake up hodlers. I value this coin as much as you do, trust me on that, but you cannot simply let a project melt away into obscurity.

You dont understand market cap.

The price of the token has nothing to do with anything, there is NO information you can take away from the price of the token. What you just wrote proves you dont understand it all. Go understand market cap first, then you can come back and comment.

Cardano is about 290 times more valuable than Bitconnect, if there was the same token supply, 1 bitconnect would sell at 1 dollar, and 1 Ada 290 Dollars.

There is no marketing to do, there is no product? The purpose of marketing is not to pump the price lol, thats what a scam would do. We need organic growth, and we need to market a product, not to investors, but to actual users.

You think the purpose is to get the price to go up, It is simply not, the market will give it fair value, thats what the market do, you cannot trick the market, only for a short term.

Keep doing that, and you will eventually have 0, maybe you are the one in a hundred, but you probably are not.

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Keep hodling. I’ll see you at the finish line.

It’s all good, we’ll all be Besties if IOHK makes this project float. :wink:

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