Restoring wallet in two computers same 12 words


Hello guys!

I am new to cardano and i have a question. Can you open your wallet in two different computers by restoring a second wallet with your 12 word pnemonic phrase?





Yes! Restoring is taking a long time though, don’t turn off the computer when doing it. This will be optimized in the future.


Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for your reply. My question was regarding to being able to access my wallet (with my adas) from two computers simultaneously. At the moment my first wallet is working well in one of my computers but I just wanted to know if I could access it from my second computer. If I restore (or open for the first time in this case) the wallet in my second computer, is the first wallet in my first computer functional or it becomes deprecated somehow? I am sorry but this is a really newbie question: my private keys are stored locally in my first computer or how does it work?

Many thanks for claryfing the issue and for the good work with cardano (ada)




The blockchain is basically a database or excel sheet with numbers in it. So both computers would be reading from the same source. You can’t double spend though because of the protocols. So if you tried to spend from both at the same time (try it), only one would work. Or perhaps both would be rejected. I will have to ask about this later. In either case, you are safe. Only the keys are on your computer, the Ada is on the blockchain.


Thank you so much!




Interesting question about spending ADA from different device or sharing wallet at the same time. As the blockchain is only required a public and private key and as long as we keep the paraphrase safely, we can access the wallet anywhere.