Restoring Yoroi Wallet on new computer

I think by the GitHub security key he means the pop up that appears when you export your public key to Yoroi for the first time on a new computer Alex. Think it’s that anyway because that’s what I got on mine too

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Hi Alex
I’ve searched for info on the "Security Key"on Yoroi and can’t find anything at all. So I have no idea why this comes up but it does.
The Byron Yoroi wallet is connected to my Ledger as I’m understanding it must be to make transactions. I’ll tell you what. How about tomorrow I look at upgrading the Byron wallet to Shelley and I’ll let you know what happens.
Seriously Alex, I cant’ thank you enough for your patience and support. I’ll get back to you tomorrow
Many Thanks

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Robert see my post above

@Alex85 provided u details about the pop up! Thx Alex

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When I upgraded my Byron wallet to a Shelley wallet I did it through Adalite. It detects you are using an old Byron wallet and automatically converted it to a Shelley wallet within minutes. When you reconnect your wallet with your ledger on Yoroi and create a new Shelley wallet your Ada will be visible on the new Shelley era wallet in your ledger. Hope this helps

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No problem mate

Ok, Now it’s clear for me… u have ledger connected to yoroi and u have 2 wallets (one byron and another shelley right?)
All u have to do is to move ur ADA from byron to shelley wallet

it is possible to had another address for the 2nd transaction because wallets change automatically the address once it was used…

Ledger Live automatically generates a fresh change address for every new transaction that does not fully spend its inputs. Ledger Live automatically takes care of change , you do not have to track the coins on your change addresses . It is not possible to check which address is your change address in Ledger Live.

U are totally safe!

Thank you! I’ll try that now. But nothing to worry about, right? I will be able to access? Cheers!

Norhing to worry.
All ok?


Hi Alex
I hope you’re well.

It’s me again. Not sure if I explained myself correctly again. Sorry
I have two computers. One with Yoroi and one with the Exodus wallet.
I planned to shift my ADA from Yoroi to my Exodus wallet.
I managed to copy the Exodus wallet receive address and put this into Yoroi
I had to open my Ledger but not Ledger Live.
I then tried to send 100 ADA from Yoroi to the Exodus wallet.
The first part of the transaction seemed OK but then on my Ledger the remaining amount of my total came on the screen and I was asked to send this to an unusual address which looked something like m-mmz-mzz- mzmmm which is not a normal transaction address.
This is when I cancelled the complete transaction.
On my Yoroi wallet I now have Byron (Thanks to your instructions)
I also have a Shelley wallet which I didn’t download.
Now I’m wondering what to do.
Should i try to get rid of this Shelley wallet and begin with a new download or should I try to open this up, but I don’t have any seed words?
I apologise for not being tech savvy but I don’t want to make any mistakes which may make me lose my ADA (again)
If I can open up Shelley and transfer from Byron I will donate to your staking pool as it’s the least I can do after all you help.
I hope this makes sense to you.

So, u want to send ADA from yoroi to exodus… or from exodus to yoroi?

Yes Alex I wanted to send ADA from Yoroi to Exodus

Question- ur ledger is connected to a shelley or to a byron wallet??

Sorry Alex, just been catching up on something.
My ledger is connected to my Byron Wallet.
I’ve just watched something from the yoroi guys who explained the 2nd part of my attempted transaction where I wasn’t sure about the second address. It makes sense now. As you said everything was safe. I just wasn’t sure at the time

Cool, but my question is… why u moved ada to exodus?
Anywah if u will have questions on future, fell free to ask


HI Alex
I thought this would be easier for me. I guess what I’ll do is check tout he Shelley wallet and get back to you.
I’d like to thank you for all your time, patience and information. You have been a great help.
I wish you well and if I can stake to your pool I will definately do so.
Thanks Alex
Have a good evening
Best Regards

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