Restoring Yoroi Wallet on new computer

I’ve tried many different combinations and possibilities, but alas I think I somehow wrote down the wrong phrase. It’s a valid wallet so I must have had a whole different phrase for the wallet that has all my funds. It would take a miracle now because I have searched everywhere. Thanks again for you encouragement.

Hello again,

You can check in this list if your words are vallid

Do u remember if u created more wallet? Why u have more phrases? Maybe u made a picture at that time…


Well I know the words are all valid because they opened a wallet…it’s just empty!

I really have no idea how I got the wrong phrase!!

Then, maybe you have another wallet, maybe u created in the past… reinstaling yoroi shouldn’t affect ur wallet if u have the right words

Hi Alex. I wonder if you can help me.
I set up a Yoroi wallet 2-3 years ago and at the time there were no private keys. I downloaded the wallet and went straight in. I bought quite a few thousand ADA at the time and they registered on Yoroi using my ledger nano S. I haven’t looked at the wallet for a while bu recently opened it up to see my wallet had been upgraded to Shelley but shows no ADA. Any idea or information you would suggest. Is there a problem with the syncing from Byron to Shelley? Have I lost all me ADA?
Any advice would be great. Thanks Robert


  1. Did u updated cardano app + ledger version in ledger live?
  2. Are u sure at that time u sent the ada to ledger?
  3. Go to yoroi - add wallet (byron) - connect with Ledger

Check if u see the balance


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Hi Alex
I’ve just followed your instructions and found my ADA on the Byron Wallet.
Thank you very much. You’ve just made my day.
I can’t thank you enough as this has been bugging me for some time.


Move your ada to sheley and delegate ur ada for rewards; u can support me if u wish

You are wellcome!

HI Alex
Sorry, but how do I upgrade to Shelley without having the seed words?
I’m not the best on tech stuff but if you wouldn’t mind giving me advice I’d be happy to support you. I think it’s the least I could do after your support.Thanks

Transfer ur ADA to shelley wallet:

  1. Go to add wallet (shelley era)
  2. Click Connect Ledger
  3. After ur new shelley era will be created send ur ADA from Byron wallet era to Shelley wallet

First, u can check ur new shelley wallet:

Send 10 ada to shelley wallet and after that try to restore ur ledger wallet;

  1. Delete shelley wallet from Yoroi
  2. Restore wallet : add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger
  3. If your balance is ok after restore than u can move all ADA from byron wallet to shelley wallet


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Hi Alex
As I’ve never done this before would you mind if I ask you what are the staking returns doing it this way?

For short-term (1 month for example) the rewards may vary ; but for long-term (1 year for example) the percentage of rewards will be around 5-5.5% (doesn’t matter if it is a big or a small pool)


Hi Alex - quick question. I lost my ledger nano X which I used to store my ADA with Yoroi. I have a back up, but when trying to access the funds an move them, Yoroi states that it expected a different device. If the device is lost, how might I make this work?


Pehaps u will need to clean yoroi cache first… try with other browser (mozilla) or on


Hi Alex
I hope you’re well.

Thanks for the information on staking but as I have bought more ADA recently I have staking sorted out. As a way of thinking you for helping me get back my lost ADA I’m working on a way to get some to you. I am a man of my word so I will get some ADA to you for sure but can I pick your brain again please.
My Yoroi Byron wallet was on one home computer. Is it possible to set up the same wallet on another home computer using my Ledger of course. It’s difficult to explain but it would make things easier for me to get your ADA to you if I could make this happen. Is it possible?
I’d really appreciate you getting back to me.

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I will try to help you, but for free :slight_smile:
I don’t accept any ADA from ada holders

But I don’t understand what is your issue…
I read it twice… correct me If I wrong… u want to connect ur ledger to another computer right?
Then… what stoped you? Go ahead and configure it, it will work for sure!


Hi Alex
You don’t accept ADA from holders? I respect your feelings but I would like to gift you something for all your help. Maybe another way then. Please let me know.
If I can try to explain what’s happening.
Two computers. Yoroi Byron wallet on one and the receiving wallet on the other. I’ve found trying to copy and paste the receiving address on one and transfer that address to the Yoroi wallet computer troublesome.
I’ve tried copying the receiving address to a word document then copying that to the Yoroi wallet. I thought that would solve my problem. Unfortunately when I opened up Yoroi to send the ADA to my receiving wallet I was asked to “Tap the security key” on
I have no idea what “security key” is being referred to so I chose to carry on without “Tapping on the security key”
Anyway, I set up my Ledger and tried making a transfer of 100 ADA from Yoroi to my receiving wallet to make sure it would go through okay. The original address was fine and everything appeared okay and I accepted to carry on with the transaction on my Ledger but then on Ledger I was asked to transfer the total left of my ADA to an entirely different address. I was forced to cancel the transaction and now I’m totally confused. This is why I asked if moving the Yoroi Byron Wallet to my computer with my receiving wallet would help.
As I mentioned I’m not as up to scratch as someone such as yourself so any advice would be very much appreciated.
I hope this makes sense.


First why u mentioned the what is its role here…

U said u have 2 computers with byron wallet on both? But why 2 computers I don’t get it really…

PS : only way to support me will be to delegate to my pool :))

Hi Alex
Sorry it seems I wasn’t as clear as I thought. My Yoroi wallet is on one computer only. Not both.
GitHub was brought up on Yoroi when I was asked to “Tap on the security key” .I have no idea why this was mentioned. Can you tell me what the “Security Key” is? Is it something like a Yubi Key as I have no idea. Have you any advice on why my Ledger came up with a completely different address to send all my remaining ADA to a different address after confirming my original transaction to send 100 ADA to my receiving wallet?
I apologise if I’m pestering you Alex but you know much more that I do.
I’ll make you a promise that I will stake to your pool to support you if I can sort this out and move my ADA out of Yoroi.
Thanks Again

No problem but tell me… u have one byron wallet in one pc (wallet which is not connected to ledger right?) and u want to move them to ledger shelley wallet correct? I still don’t understand the github step (i understood that it appeared automatically but why?)

So, from where to where are u trying to send your ADA? What kind of wallet are? Byron or shelley?