Rewards smaller and smaller

Hi, My rewards are dropping every five days. It went from 160 to now 90. Do they lower your rewards since ada price went up? I am using kiwi pool with 53 mil staked in it Thanks

Perhaps it’s time to change the pool :slight_smile:
But there is another explanation… the rewards are not the same, it’s fluctuating from epoch to epoch

Check the hostory of the pool on (blocks created, etc)
For kiwi pool it seems that for the last 4 epochs the luck was under 100 (100%); that’s why u received less… but this is happening for all pools… so don’t worry


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Thank you!

I would not advice to change your pool based on these short-time (3-5 epoch) fluctuations.

As long, as there is no infrastructure problem at KIWI pool, there is nothing the pool can do about it. It’s just luck or bad luck. How do you think does it work a pool has more slots than 100% from time to time - because others have less than expected. And, it is equally likely that, if you you changed your pool, the other new pool may have epochs with less luck and more luck.

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Don’t worry - it will be averaged out in the course of the months/year.