Sending ADA to someone else’s yoroi wallet?

Hey all,

My first day on this forum, it’s good to be here! I’m trying to send my mom some Ada for Mother’s Day. Is it possible to send some from my yoroi wallet (chrome extension) to her yoroi wallet? By using the send on my wallet with her receive code? Sorry if this is a dumb question but in my mind it seems logically possible but I don’t want to mess something up in case that’s not actually possible and then my Ada would be sent somewhere randomly in cyberspace I’m assuming that would result in loss. However I haven’t found a single topic on this anywhere so hopefully someone has a some insight on this. Thanks so much!

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hello and welcome,

Yes, copy the receiver address from the wallet you want to send ada to.

Put that address in your sender address within your wallet. (Double check the first and last five characters are correct)

Then send the ada. If you want to doubly reassure yourself, send a small amount of ada, before sending the desired amount.

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Hi Lgbeano,

Thank you so much for your swift response! I’ll try it today your awesome:) happy Sunday!


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Very welcome, you too!