Sent ADA to my friend and he did not receive


I sent a little bit of ADA to my friend from my binance account to his binance account. The transaction is here

I don’t understand why he has not received it in his wallet. It’s been over 2 days. Every other ADA transaction I have done has been instant. Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

edit: We’ve double checked the wallet address and it is correct.


Have you checked your inbox for an email from binance. They send an email after you make a transaction in which you have to confirm the transaction within a certain time frame before it goes through.

I’m not sure if you friend might have to confirm but it is possible.


I confirmed the email and the transaction shows as completed on my binance account.


Then I would have to assume your friend received the transaction, it is very unlikely that he did not to be honest but if you are sure he did not receive the transaction he needs to open a support ticket. They will sort it out since you can prove the transaction went through on your end.


Your friend’s wallet doesn’t seem to be updating. There are several network connection fixes coming. Or he can check the FAQ for solutions


Check the FAQ of what site Jeremy?

He sent Binance 2 support tickets and after days received this.

JP - Michele (Binance)

Dec 25, 13:08 CST
Thank you for your inquire.
here an extract from our FAQ section related to your issue:

  1. How to deposit and withdrawal in Binance:
    Log in into your account then click on the right top corner of the screen
    On “Funds” then you can click “deposit or withdrawal”. In the list choose the
    Coin you want deposit or withdrawal and the you fill the amount and the address.

A) Why my deposit / withdrawal is taking too long?
Usually a transaction is processed in about hour but this time windows
Is very variable depending how fast or how congested is the network, it can shift between few minutes to two or more days.
B) Can I cancel reversed my withdrawal?
Once the withdrawal process has been submitted, cannot be reversed or
cancel anymore.
C) I send my X coins to a wrong Y address, can I have them back?
Coins deposit to a different or wrong address cannot be retrieved anymore, so
make sure to double check the destination address carefully before you click.
D) Can I deposit Fiat / founds on my account?
Binance currently only allows the deposit of other cryptocurrency and tokens.
If you would like to deposit funds from a source of USDT you will first need to change it to a token that is supported on Binance.

Thank you for your continued patronage


@olinobnizov. I have a some advice. Make another wallet inside Daedalus, call it ‘public’ or something like that. Keep most of your holding’s in another wallet. When sending funds to friends etc use the public wallet. That way random people don’t know you have 2.7 million Ada! You lucky lucky man.


HAHA I have no where near 2.7 million ADA. I wish!

I sent the transaction from my binance wallet to my friend’s binance wallet. The 2.7 million number must be some wallet binance uses for it’s ADA withdrawals.