Sent coins to old Address HELP?

So I just bought some coins on binance and sent them to my save address on there (which is the address associated with my seed phrase) but this address was generated with an older version of daedalus 0.8.2 so I downloaded the latest version on another computer and restored my seed a week or so ago, (previous coins show up there but not the ones I sent yesterday because it is a different address) How do I get access to these coins stuck at my original address?

I tried opening the original wallet (0.8.2) but it is stuck at 74% syncing and won’t sync fully.


The old address is associated with your private seed. There’s no reason that sending coins to that address shouldn’t populate if restored in Daedalus.


Yup, that’s inevitable, old wallet is no good now.

@countrycows is right, correct seed phrase is all that matters, if coins aren’t showing up there’s some other reason.

Have you checked the transaction history on the block explorer?

The address format has not changed between versions. On the new PC, could you check in Recieve tab if the address you’ve sent to shows up in the list? If so, the address is associated to your wallet seed. In that case, could you run the below :
Windows (from cmd):
type %appdata%\Daedalus\Logs\Pub\Daedalus.* | findstr wontApply
Linux (from shell):
grep -i wontApply ~/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Logs/pub/Daedalus.*

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so I just restored the wallet using the seed but it doesnt’ show up still, I check the receive tab and that address I sent it to doesn’t show up. It shows a transaction coming in from that address (which was the original coins I sent to the old wallet back in Jan.) Should I try restoring it on the old computer with the original wallet file on it?

It shows a transaction coming in from that address (which was the original coins I sent to the old wallet back in Jan.)

I might’ve misunderstood this, but since you say it shows a transaction ‘coming in’ , it sounds like you had two different wallets , for which you should have two different seeds?
Could you clarify or if you’re on telegram, report on community TechSupport group for us to have a short chat to understand current state and recommend actions accordingly?
If there is a chance that there is funds on old machine (due to additional wallet, for example) which is not in new one and you do not have second seed, please do not remove/delete any folders (%AppData%\Daedalus\Wallet-1.0-acid and %AppData%\Daedalus\Secrets-1.0 folders need to be preserved) on old machine. Based on actual state, we can then recommend next steps.

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No I have 1 seed, when I imported that seed from the old wallet into the updated wallet that is what shows a transaction coming into that wallet from the address from my original wallet version 0.8.2 that original address is not showing up in the newest wallet I downloaded and I only have 1 seed.

I just joined the telegram group

should I try downloading the latest wallet update and import the seed on my other computer with the appdata files on it?

You should probably focus on the TG group now and forget this thread, using one channel keeps things neat for others as well as yourself.

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yea but I’m not really a fan of telegram I’d rather just do everything here, I didn’t write anything in telegram yet.

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OK but @rdlrt suggested you take it to TG for a reason, he’s an expert and that’s where he mostly hangs out, others too.

ah ok ill check out over there then thanks for all the replies

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You could use and bypass Daedalus entirely.

Old machine had two wallets in Daedalus, but @adamantasaurus had only one seed. Thus, on new machine when he restored, he only saw one wallet. The saved address he sent new funds to belonged to the wallet for which he dint have seed.

To resolve, asked him to copy the Wallet-1.0 and Secrets-1.0 folders across to the new machine (renaming existing Wallet-1.0-acid and Secrets-1.0), and then wait for migration wizard to finish. This allowed him to view both the wallets, and he was able to send the funds from old ADA address to the right wallet.