Shelly rewards

  1. Once my 400,000 Ada are staked to 4 pools (100,000 each), how often will it take to get the reward? Daily, once a week, once a month, every so often?

  2. Let’s say my 100,000 in 1 pool grow to 108,000. Does the 108,000 stay with that pool is so I have to stake the new 8,000?

Thank you.

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At the moment you get paid daily on the ITN. Im not 100% sure how it will be on the mainnet but i heared something about every 5th day.

yes :+1:

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I missed the ITN.

I’m speaking about when Shelley is released.

So each epoch on main net is 5 days… so every epoch you get your rewards. (No ada is ever locked somewhere)

Any ada in an address is automatically delegated to the pool that address is with. Nothing required. So you have 100,000 for one epoch. At the end of the epoch you get 10 ada reward. The next epoch you will delegate 100,010 ada.

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yeah, i think this is what will happen as far as i understand it as well. the rewards will go back into the same wallet, and yes every epoch is five days - though i’m not sure if the two epoch delay will count in regards to factoring in the new amount of Ada - in the same way it takes two epochs to reallocate your delegation.

it might be that there’s that delay, so say you delegated 10Ada, after the first epoch (5days) you’ll get a rewards, say 1Ada. now with a total of 11Ada, the next epoch might still assume the initial 10Ada - but then count the 1Ada reward after skipping one epoch when it gives you a rewards that would bring your total to 12Ada, it’d then go on to delegate 11Ada.

it might be - or it might be that it acknowledges the new amount right away as it gives the reward.

as an aside, for stakepools - this same wallet thing was not the same in the ITN as far as i can recall - the snapshot wallet was not the same wallet that you created a pool with which is what got the rewards.

Thanks 1 million times.

I thought once I was steak to a pool I was done and if it was 100 and I got 1000 for example it would automatically just be like dividends and the next time be based off the 108 thousand in the pool.

Sounds like I got a re-steak everything every couple days.

I put it in on Monday and I get the first one, I guess I have to put them in really fast to re-delegate.

I’m sure there’s probably something in the program based on what percentage of the pool I have and how many days I’ve been in the pool will somehow affect my pay out

Hi Misteraxyz, you are right. Delegating takes two epochs to take effect.

So if someone delegates to a pool on epoch 1 they will not receive rewards for the first time until epoch 3 finishes, as epoch 3 is the first epoch they earn rewards on.

If in epoch 4 someone decides to delegate to a new pool, the person will receive rewards from their original pool until epoch 6. So at the end of epoch 6 the rewards they receive will be from the new pool they are delegating too.

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hi Shawn,

If I understand you correct… you do not need to manually re delegate any ada earned. Any rewards received are automatically delegated to the pool.

This is the same for the pool operator earning fees and for the people delegating their ada.

Same goes if you send ada to an address it is automatically delegated into the same pool.

Here is my attempt to explain what I believe in the example I made up. I realize the numbers are bizarre but in my mind it makes it easy to follow. L

I understand that the process is based on the pool Keeping 2% of the rewards. I then get a % of the balance, based on my percentage in the pool if it has been in the pool 5 days. In my example Ithe size of the pool remains the same. Nobody adds or takes away. This happens:

I delegate 100,000 to pool Zorro.

In 5 days if I get 10,000 Ada, I have 110,000 Ada.

In another 5 days, my % is still based on my having 100,000 despite my owning 110,000. I may get get another 10,000 Ada I have 120, 000 now.

In another 5 days the amount of The Ada I have is the pool is counted as 110,000 000 Ada and my reward is based off that. Maybe I now get 10, 020

I have 130,200. My reward is calculated on 120,020 in the pool.

The next reward in 5 days is based on my having 130,200 and so on.

I also understand I may not get my reward every 5 days. I may earn it every 5 day’s, but I may get the reward at day 15 (for 15 days). Then, my owning a will rise in the pool. It’s like waiting for dividends. I know I expect to earn x% on an annual basis but I have no idea of the exact % and I never know when my rewards will be credited toward my account.

I tried to explain what’s my understanding , thanks to you. I’m not sure it is understandable.

Bottom line: I delegate and simply wait. The rewards ARE counted, simply not In the next cycle , only in the second cycle after that. So I simply sit and wait!!!

If however, I enter the pool to start with 2 days before they get their epoch reward I will not get 10,000 as I have only been in the pool with only 40% of the time, so I won’t earn 10,000 as I will get 40% of my normal reward since in was there only 40% of the epoch time.

There are no rewards for partial epochs. If you were delegated to a pool at the beginning of the epoch you get the full reward for that epoch. If you weren’t, you get nothing. And if it’s the same as the testnet, you get the reward for an epoch at the end of that epoch, there’s no delay. Any movement of ada, transfer/spend/whatever, only affects staking at the epoch changeover.

I cannot say thank you enough.

I can’t wait for the Shelley release so I can stake. Ate you in the test net?

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Yes, I think probably most people in here are.

I missed it by a few hours!!!

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