Short (very short read) and interesting read from Forbes


Thanks that was a good read. I can send it to my relatives and friends who think I’m an a hole for being obsessed with Crypto.

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Man, we might be related because my parents (super old school. One from s. Korea, the other a southie from South Boston. Both shake their head at me and look at me like I’m weird when I try to talk about cryptocurrency and when I tried to describe the Cardano Platform and symphony of blockchains… I swear, they looked at me like they wanted to give me a urinalysis.

What can I say? I truly do love what the trifecta is doing. (Emurgo, Cardano Foundation, and IOHK)

You and me both. There are worse obsessions I guess. I could be smoking crystal meth.

Oh man. Thank God for Crypto. Haha.

Well i must be a late bloomer. All my friends shake their heads and the young folk i talk to including IT technicians and programmers haven’t got a glue. Some never heard of it. My wealth acquaintances including economics gurus and market traders have a good chuckle at my expense … for now.

I feel young and a live again. Second chance for me and i understand as frustrating as it is i must market our product so all will have that seed in their subconscious, when mass adoption takes place.


I am big on gardening. I actually have an avocado, peach, lemon, and 2 fig trees. Along with blueberry, and raspberries vining. I totally understand what you mean with seeding.

When the seeds are planted. With proper nutrients and time. The “fruits of the labor” shall grow, be produced, and then we can enjoy the bounty.



One of my favorite books about gardening and life:

Here is another one that was important to me in my young life with a similar theme:

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Yup. I’m filled with energy and passion about this project. So much so that I’ve started a movement to plant that seed within the subconscious of the entire U.S. population. Yup, all of it. We just need people to participate!

If anyone wants more info about what this movement is and how easy it is to participate, please PM me.

p.s. you kinda haveta live in the U.S. :slightly_smiling_face: