Simple Photo Dapp Idea

I was here trying to access my google drive, searching for an old pic from like 2010 or something but i realized I lost it for life. Got really upset, but than this idea happened to me.

What if I could use a website to save my favourite pictures in a block of the cardano chain?

Maybe even save everything that’s on my camera roll, those memes we sent each other everyday, print screens and basically anything you would like to see on the future in some kind of way. I’ve already lost so many beautiful memories due to the ephemerality of this days technologies

Maybe the person who uses that website rents some kind of cloud, where he could save up to X ammount of single images, or maybe even by gigabytes or something. Those pictures became some kind of NFT cardano native token that you can store on a wallet and access whenever you want.

There could also be beautiful random competitions in that platform, like some kind of “Bizarre meme contest” where ppl send their strangest stuff to be availed by the comunity. Or a “Beautiful photo story” where people tell each other whats representative in their lives about that photo. Maybe even an “obituary” where you could save something you wanna say about someone who passed away, that you wish were imortallized in a place u and everyone could see again years from now.

I’m not an expert on dapps or anything, just want to have some fun and share with my fellow cardano friends.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But i’m not the only one


This idea based on storing files - so there is another blockchain which handles such functionality already

But maybe later Cardano will implement such functionality as well

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I really hope so, FIL is amazing and everything, but I would really like to see something like that as a dapp in the cardano chain with that community factor in it.

If you don’t need it to be a chain specifically there is a distributed p2p file network called IPFS that I think you could find useful. It is used by many NFTs to store the images they represent, and it can be run locally like a node as well.


Yeah, just wondering what happens if the IPFS node which contains the data of NFT goes down - in this case how would I get the data (picture) of an NFT - and do you need a running IPFS server to able to fetch the data of an NFT…

gonna check that out, thxxx

Cardano blockchain is not for storing somebody’s photo albums. It is inefficient to force each operating node download your favorite photo :wink:

IPFS, Filecoin, SiaCoin, … there are plenty projects focusing on distributed storage

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