Simplex overcharging...Any one else overcharged by Simplex when purchasing on Binance?

I am gonna start off by saying I am new to this. So a few days ago I purchased BNB on finance to trade it for ADA :pray:. Well me dealing with the frustration of trying to get transactions to go through. After hours of attempting finally the stars aligned and the transaction went through. well after paying 10K USD I only got 9,460 USD after transaction was went through. not noticing that until today Friday 6/5/2019. I went to do another transaction and when I went to place the amount of USD for BNB which was 10,900 USD I was show I would receive 196 BNB… (WHAT???) and at the time BNB was trading for 32 USD. I started over again… same thing. after multiple times 6 or 7 I finally got 306 BNB to show. Then realizing wait… its trading for 32 USD I should be getting around 320-330 BNB.

So, I contacted Binance online support and Simplex online support. Binance stated" they don’t charge a percent only simplex for 3.5%". Simplex stated that "they collect 3.5% as well as their partner collect an additional 3.5%. I was going to be charged over 8%. after going round and round with Simplex they finally gave me their answer and it was “well you don’t have to buy anything from us”.

I found a post on reddit that had been deleted and someone else shared it again.

Definitely trying to start a conversation about Simplex overcharging and taking advantage of people. also anyone have any insight on what I can do about being over charged?
Can I contacted the federal trade commission?
What options do I have?

I definitely got taken and almost got taken again. Got once but not twice now my mission is to EXPOSE.
TIA wish you guys the best

were you using a credit card? their terms are pretty clear, and the fee posted.

you expect them you eat the credit card fee? no, it’s passed along to you.

Yeah the fee is suppose to be 3.5%. Not 8.5% and then shorting you on exchange rate.

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same here they scam people i really.feel upset and angry at them… this is not acceptable, not at all you can contact me at for support