Small stakepool question

I have been researching a small stakepool to redelegate to and in Deadalus it says “Moderated by IOHK” can someone explain what that actually means?

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I believe it’s related with new functions of daedalus starting with 3.3.0 version

Configurable SMASH servers

Daedalus uses Stakepool Metadata Aggregation Servers (SMASH) to fetch moderated lists of stake pools. By default, the SMASH server operated by IOHK is used. You can now configure Deadalus to use any community-operated SMASH server, instead of using the default server.


Hi Alexd1985,
Thank you for reply so its a procedural thing rather than anything negative?

Yes; should be no negative impact… u can also check the pool on or

PS: u can check mine…only to see if u are seing the same message


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Have you found one? and are there any custom rankings available already? i operate a small pool and its stable by all metrics i can think of, but were still low on the SMASH rankings.

hope to hear from you!

Bas @ STAYK pool

I would not take much into account the rankings, they tend to privilege big pools close to saturation.
I suggest you to browse, where pools are grouped by category (size, location, charity, etc…), find one that has a mission you share and delegate.
Also small pools that need support will be at the bottom of the ranking because they have not minted a block yet, like mine, even if they are solid and have a good mission to pursue.

Yes thanks BaasMons I went with smallish pool that had already minted but was wanting to support more than one pool so once i figure out that side of things I may have a look.

Kind Regards


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Great to see that. An attitude I wish more people would adopt!

Right now the only way to delegate to more than one pool is to create multiple wallets. Multidelegation should come as a new feature, but we don’t know when.