Solved - I can not sync my Daedalus wallet on my Apple Mac

Hi i have a issue with the Daedalus Wallet. The problem is, that the syncing blocks stuck at 87.23%. I cant open the wallet. I shut down the My Apple Mac and restart the system but it didn’t help. I uninstall the wallet and install it again but it didn’t help. I report a issue and the team tryed to help me but not understanding sorry :neutral_face: can any one please to help ?
Thank you

Okay, you went through the FAQ pdf, correct?

If you did, what OS version are you running?
Apple > About this Mac

Also, are you running any 3rd party virus software?

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Hi there
I am running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6
And yes I am running Intego software antivirus.
And this morning I open my Daedalus Wallet and syncing blocks is 87.12%

Have you added Daedalus to Intego antivirus trusted files?

Trusted files path:

~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus

You want to add that Daedalus folder to trusted files.

Hello Jotunn

Thank you for that but I try but not luck yet !
Not sure what to do now running out ideas!!!
I can not believe is that difficult. How I can access my wallet now ???
Any way Thank you for the help let’s hope I can open soon .

Okay, one last thing, get running over a VPN.

I know ProtonVPN offers free service, signup and connect to the service then launch Daedalus.

Ok I will try next week because I am off for a week holiday Thanks I let you know

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Yoroi will be available in a few hours, in case Daedalus won’t run for some reason.


Yoroi works, you can recover your Daedalus wallet on it with no fuss.

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Ok I will try but like I said my friend I am off holiday now and when I back home I will try again.

Much appreciated for the help

Ok Thanks to every one I short it out .
With the help of Admin Cardano

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