Staking pool results do not look right

Relays and BP all sync …

“poolStakeGo”: 0,
“poolStakeMark”: 0,
“poolStakeSet”: 0,

On ADA Pools it will show up my stakeID, but not under pool name or ticker search…

WIll I have to re-register?

Appreciate any help with this…


It’s on mainnet or test pool? What is the ticker or poolID, usually this error happens because of the metadata file (wrong file inputs or hash)

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LSSP ticker not able to find on either pool websites…

where is your metadata stored? can u share the link?

Use the metadata url not the site url
Upload the metadata file an name it metadata.json and must be reachable to URL:

For example

Yes, create s new certificate and submit it

Bope, you don’t

so, the 500 ADA (pool registration cost ) were deducted from ur balance?

if u already paid 500 ADA then follow this step to sign an another certificate

18. Operational and Maintenance Tips - CoinCashew.

Good Morning, after that do I re-submit the Stake Pool registration with the updated certificate?

Just follow the step, because u already paid the tregistration cost, u should not add it again