Staking to an undesired pool with 0% RoS by mistake


I wanted to see how staking works, so I transferred some ADA over to my ADALite ledger and added a pool id chosen from which was different from what the ADALite interface was showing by default in the staking tab. Then the UI seemed to be showing the right pool, but I think that I did not actually properly check the information confirmed on the Ledger device, because when all the confirmations were over, it seems that I have in fact delegated without intention to the default pool that the interface was showing initially.

So now I am delegated to some pool named “AdaLite Stake Pool B” which looks like this:

It does not look like it has any activity on it. RoS is 0%. Should I undelegate and try again with another pool, or does this one have any chance of generating some income in a few months?

Thanks in advance.


Just checked the pool… it was registered at epoch 255.
and from the history it shows that in epoch 256 it got ~5M delegations - but the thing is that 1 more epoch is needed to be active stake. So now, in epoch 257 there is ~5M active stake and another ~4,5M which was delegated in 256.
So that means this is the first epoch when this node will be scheduled to produce blocks… based on the active stake.
So wait at least for the end of this epoch to see whether the pool selected for block production - if not I recommend to undelegate before the epoch finishes.

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just checked again this pool and already produced a block…
That is a good sign - so worth to wait till end of the epoch

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U can redelegate anytime, u will pay only the fee for the transaction every time when u will redelegate…
if u are looking for a pool I can recommend mine :slight_smile:
But u can choose from or
Also u should know that all pools which are producing blocks will provode the same 5-6% (on long term) for you;