Stayk Pool Went live Middle of the ATH feb 27th!

Hello fellow SPO’s and Forum enthusiasts!

As of Feb 27th, Stayk Pool “STAYK” is now Alive and kicking!

We are a Pool operated bij two guys from Holland, Bas (me) and Roman (the codewizard).

Our Pool is in its baseline dedicated to the help we can provide securing a node in a network that will see an ever increasing amount of traffic! In a world where more and more people have lower barriers of entry into the world of finance, health and personal data everyone will profit.

We have prepaid all the servercost for the coming 2 years, and wrote them off, making money off of this isnt the sole purpose. I work in healthcare, and see people struggle to maintain control of their personal data regarding health issues with a variety of practitioners in the field. Together with my companion Roman we can set out to develop applications that help manage that in a more secure and FAIR (Findable. Accessable, Interoperable & Reusable) way.

The Pool ticker is “STAYK”
The Pledge is 10.000 ADA (and some change)
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Margin: 1%
Architecture is 2 VPS Servers located in Delft, Netherlands, 1x Relay and 1 x BP with double redundant powersupplies and internet connections. Plans in the near future to shift the operation to a bare metal construction to improve on increased Independence. Visit for more info.

Everyone here is in the same boat, trying to attract stake, produce blocks, get by and make sure we keep out heads afloat, a great initiative started here: Let's create "First two lifetime block" community - #32 by LuckySlam

If you want to help fresh SPO’s out to bootstrap their pools, and be rewarded in kind, give this a glance :wink:

Hope to see you all around and we’re happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

Bas & Roman @