Still needing help restoring Deadus wallet!

hi everyone, my old laptop crashed with my Daedus wallet, but I have my 12 word key code. I downloaded Deadus onto new laptop and keep attempting to restore but every single time after I enter a username and password it just says Error. I wrote to the help desk and they sent me back this message and I don’t know what it means or where to find this:

In order to better assist please attach " cardano-wallet.log" files you find, they are located: (Daedalus Mainnet/Logs/pub).

I just want to be reunited with my ADA and appreciate any guidance and support. thanks so much!

Open your Daedalus and click on
HELP at the top
click on Daedalus Diagnostics
click on Open next to
Daedlaus state directory
you will find your Logs directory.
Then go to the directory pub, where you will find your cardano-wallet.log

I hope I could you help you!


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Or u can migrate to yoroi