STR8 Pool Introduction

Hello to all of the Cardano community,

My “Cardano Straight ADA Stakepool” aims to secure the Cardano network by running a competitive 24/7 pool on decentralized infrastructure maintained by IT professionals. The low fees ensure longevity and sustainability of the pool, there is no other purpose, thus the name of our pool. This pool intention is to provide reliable Cardano infrastructure / protocol service with high desirability for you as a delegator.

The core principles of STR8 are reliability, honesty and openness.

Operator: Chris (in Telegram u/ChrisSTR8)
Telegram group

Name : Straightpool
Ticker : STR8
Pool ID: 000006d97fd0415d2dafdbb8b782717a3d3ff32f865792b8df7ddd00

Fixed fee : 340 ADA (minimal, mandatory fee) Variable fee (%) : 4.0%

I am located in Germany. My pool is run on three servers in Germany and Asia to ensure smooth operation.

As I am an IT professional with many years of experience running private servers, running a Cardano stakepool is a lot of fun to me. I do strongly believe in the values and vision of Cardano and want to do my part to help the ecosysystem grow by running the STR8 pool.

I do monitor my pool tightly and will try to ensure the pool performs at its best. In the ITN the STR8 pool produced 267 blocks, of all assigned slots STR8 nailed 95.1%!

Let me know on any of the available channels if you have any questions on my pool.

I highly appreciate anyone already delegating to me or planning to do so. I will do my best to get you the rewards you deserve for being an early adopter of Cardano!

Straight ahead and upwards!

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Huge update: STR8 variable fee dropped to 0% for an effective variable fee of 4% during growth phase accommodating block production dynamically.

Minimum fixed fee ought to be replaced by minimum variable fee!


STR8 is very happy to announce our first mainnet block today in epoch 214!

Thanks to all delegators staying with STR8, this would not have been possible without you!

Now the ball is rolling! Next milestone is getting up to 10 mainnet blocks. Up, up and away!

STR8 produced a second block in epoch 214!

Did you know rewards average out to about 5% per year no matter which pool you as a delegator chose, provided you pick a reliable pool which nails all assigned slots and has reasonable fees? STR8 has proven this epoch that we are such a pool.

STR8 pool just upgraded its infrastructure now using 4 independend servers, so we can easily upgrade to releases like 1.19.1 and do any other maintenance work like security patches without ever missing a block!

@stakingforgood thanks for pointing out your website! Just registered!

Thanks for taking the time to register! You will be added to the site this evening!

Now is a great time to join STR8 pool! STR8 produced another block this epoch and is about to breach 4M total stake ensuring many more blocks in the future with regular rewards. At our website we have now explained our sustainable fee structure in much simpler terms using an easy to scan table. We will keep our variable fee at 0% until we hit 15m total stake and very slowly raise our variable fee from then on out, so that your cost is never more than 0.2% per year.

Today my pool produced the 10th block in mainnet!
I am happy to announce here that I am now not only wearing the hat of a Cardano StakePool operator, but now also the hat of a Cardano Ambassador.
I am interested in the long-term success of Cardano and work in this spirit.

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This epoch STR8 pool produced the 25th lifetime block! Major milestone achieved. Thank you to all delegators of STR8, without you this would not have been possible! Much appreciated!

Future is looking bright! Decentralization is picking up epoch by epoch allotting us more and more chances at blocks to grow and support the Cardano network.

STR8 pool is here to stay and committed to support decentralization by vowing to never run more than one pool. You might have read about pools closing down shop. STR8 pool has the resources to keep running the long distance, no matter what.

STR8 pool has come a long way since the last update. This epoch STR8 pool produced the 100th lifetime block, another major milestone achieved.

STR8 pool aims for an effective 4% fee which is only 0.2% cost for delegators per annum if the gross expected ROS is 5%. During bootstrap phase (until we pass our ITN record of 267 lifetime blocks, we cross saturation, d = 0, or k = 1000) and as thanks to our loyal delegators variable fee will stay at 0%.

Due to our growth the last few epochs we are now ranked as pool number 1 on and Yoroi. #WeAreGoingForNumber1

Thanks to all delegators of STR8!

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This epoch STR8 pool produced the 1000th lifetime block, another major milestone achieved!

As thanks to our loyal delegators STR8 pool reduced the variable fee to 1.5%.

Thanks to all delegators of STR8!