Syncing as turtle

left wallet open for 10 hours and just have a sync of 00.05% ad 2 updates back it was slow but not like this in 3 hours 100% now i came up to 99.67% now i close up try it monday i am tired now guys why it also goes back everytime to verifying blockchain screen then i reload boem back @ wallet screen every 20min this happens​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Do you really reed a full node wallet? If not id recommand to use Typhon as a light client wallet.

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have the full node wallet since 2017 ,dont want to change know have to load the whole chain it takes time but every update from shelly to now has been a ad in sync time🤔 .typhon never heard about it is safe?? where i can find it,i can import my wallet there?? is it official iohk stuff??
thanks mate zyroxa for the info

Nope Typhon is not an offical wallet. The developer behind Typhon is the same who also built

Im using the wallet myself and my personal opinion is that its better than any wallet i used before.

You can restore your wallet with your seedphrase or just connect your hardware wallet if you use one.

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i am a little chicken when something is not backed by mr charles hoskinson&iohk&team
but in will dive in to it for info on the net about typhon wallet
once again nice to have you here friend
stay safe
greetings from amsterdam​:wink::+1:

There is also Yoroi which has been developed by Emurgo but to be honest currently id prefer Typhon over Yoroi.

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