Telling Time in the Community

Hey All!

I notice the times for the Summit were given on the website like so -
So that’s Eastern NA, England, and Central European times in that order, if Google’s right.

If I considered clarity and ease of use for a wide audience first, then local initials is probably not what I would choose.
If I considered targeting centers of our community as a priority (who would presumably know their local initials), those names would not be familiar to people from other countries (not even timezone), and of course hold the risk of sounding preferential or nepotist (simply due to the fact that every list must have its order).

In my experience working globally, confusion regarding timezone differences can be a sinister thief of value. A uniform protocol across Cardano for communicating times to the community (supplemented however we would like) can serve as a good basis to avoid it.

I would suggest using UTC (no daylight savings confusion) as the main consistent format, supplemented with other times as befitting (and perhaps I’d use cities, or some other concept, to give that “local clarity”, rather than initials - since we’d already have UTC in place :slight_smile: ).

It’s not my intention to criticize here, just give another perspective.
I think this issue can look to some like a minor, petty detail, but I believe that in the aggregate, the damages avoided by establishing a “cheap to implement” policy, could be substantial.

Thanks for reading!
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