Testing process before go Live


I just managed to setup relay node and it connected to Testnet. Somebody told me, I should connect to Mainnet directly.
Can somebody advise the plan to bring to live ?
do I need to test all on testnet first and then go live to mainnet ? If so what is the test criteria to confirm if the setup is correct ?

I think at this stage with all the support out there, it is fine to start everything on mainnet. Now that you are up on testnet, I guess the criteria is if you a processing transactions. But with where you are at, you could first also create a block-producing node to make sure it communicates with the relay and can also processing Tx. Once that looks good, you can change your config files from the testnet version to the mainnet version and should be ready to register your pool.

I don’t think it’s good practice to convert a testnet node to mainnet. Just build a new node.

if the testnet setup is working and could verify it, then there is no any extra step on the mainnet - everything is the same just you need to use mainnet configs

If there is no risk to do it directly on Mainnet, probably better to hook up on mainnet to save time. I tried to create transaction on testnet based on the official course but it looks like some statement already obselete.
Am I right to say that I can transfer my pledge after registration? I means I can make it works first before sending my pledge to pool address.?

so if the pledge is not there during registration it means that the registration is done, but the node is not functional…till you send the pledge.