Testnet rewards transition to mainnet Daedalus wallet

Do I need to do anything for my testnet rewards to be transferred to my Daedalus wallet? Do I restore my testnet wallet in the mainnet Daedalus wallet when the time comes?

I’m nervous as hell doing computer stuff!! I kinda sorta also am not 100% sure I have the correct title of the wallet associated with the appropriate key phrase. One is 12 words and one is 15 words.

Argh! Me and details!!

That information has not yet been released. I think it might be automatic because the relationship between mainnet wallet and ITN results wallet is already established within the system, but I could be wrong. The rewards wallet phrase is 15 words, balance wallet is same as mainnet one so of course 12 words.

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Gosh I hope it’s automatic! :pray:

Just make sure you have your recovery keys (15 words mnemonics if using Daedalus/Yoroi rewards wallet , and private keys if using accounts from jcli) and you’ll be fine. If you’re unsure about your 15 words mnemonics, you can simply attempt a restore via Yoroi testnet and test whether you see the rewards as expected.

(PS: There will be a FAQ released closer to mainnet, but sure as hell I do not expect the restore to be automatic - you will need your mnemonics to restore, and this is for very good reasons)


Ok. But if i have the correct mnemonics and the wrong name of the wallet it will come up empty. I did this already on the testnet (the snapshot, not the rewards itn).

No - the name you enter against a wallet has got nothing to do with balance.

Please create a seperate post detailing steps (where your source funds were, whether you migrated to ITN and which option was selected on UI) you took and app (mobile/extension/…) used.

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Please speak English, not computer-ese.

Everything was working fine on the ITN (I was able to check my rewards) until over a month ago when the testnet wouldn’t connect. Because it couldn’t connect I uninstalled the testnet and reinstalled the new version. STILL am unable to connect. So now hopefully IF I am ever able to connect and sync, AND I put in the correct mnemonic keywords to reboot the ITN pool wallet, all should be well?

This mnemonic will be 15 words? is that correct? And it doesn’t matter the name of the wallet?

just download Yoroi testnet and restore your reward wallet there, the name doesnt matter.

you will be able to check your rewards with yoroi without any problems :slight_smile:

I found the paper with the name and the key words, so i should be good!

Thanks for your help, rdlrt and Zyroxa. :pray:

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