The dreaded Invalid pass phase message

Hi, all.
So I’m trying to help my sister restore her 12 word Daedalus wallet and we are getting the invalid passphrase message. I can only assume that she wrote it down wrong. I’ve been trying different similar words from this list here but so far no luck:

She had Daedalus on her Mac with her Ada which she bought in the middle of last year. Then around March she deleted Daedalus because it was taking to long to load the blockchain and she was several updates behind. She reinstalled Daedalus and discovered the invalid pass phrase message.

I think I found the old copy of Daedalus in the trash bin anyone think that is helpful? She has a Mac and I’m not a Mac guy either.

Is my best bet to open up a support ticket with IOHK?

Thanks for any advice!

Sent a reply on tg techsupport group.
I think the easiest way forward would be if you have the backup of your Daedalus profile folder. In the copy that you found, could you check if you have Secrets-1.0 folder (and Wallet-1.0-acid would be good-to-have too)?
If not, if she did not manually delete the folders, there is a good chance that there is atleast Wallet-1.0-backup folder lying around in the existing Daedalus profile folder - which could be a bit slower to restore, but should work too. We can continue on tg, as its easier to run checks, and update the summary here later.


@Donnybaseball had taken a good backup before on USB.
Used it to restore by carefully walking through steps below (hit other issues before due to multiple backups involved, but irrelevant to steps once right input folder was found - timestamps help):

  1. In Live profile folder (ensure Daedalus isnt running):
    Archive (move) Wallet-1.0* , Secrets-1.0 folders alongwith Wallet-1.0-sqlite.sqlite3 file.
  2. Used the backup folder to copy Secrets-1.0 and Wallet-1.0-acid folders to live Daedalus folder.
    (Tip: if that doesnt work for anyone hitting the issue coz Wallet-1.0-acid is already incorrect, instead of Wallet-1.0-acid, copy Wallet-1.0-backup* to Wallet-1.0 so that a migration wizard is presented again. This wasnt required in Freds case)
  3. Start Daedalus
  4. If recieve an error stating ‘Cardano node crashed’ , node json log will report an error ‘logexception: too few bytes’. To resolve, go to Wallet-1.0-acid (newly updated) and delete latest checkpointsXXXX.log and the two events-000*.log and start Daedalus.

My sincerest of thanks for helping with this! Greatly appreciate your patience. There is a reason you are an ambassador!