The Project Catalyst Fund11 Results Are In! 🎉

Results are in!


Dear Community Member,

We are delighted to announce the official results of Project Catalyst Fund11. Congratulations to all those projects that have received community approval.

On behalf of the entire Catalyst team, we thank every one of you for your trust and patience and for making this moment a reality!

Proposers who were not selected - don’t be disheartened. Review the feedback you received during Fund11, and keep engaged with the community to help polish your project before the next opportunity presents itself! More on this soon, so keep your ear to the ground!

Catalyst Growth in Numbers

Community participation, once again, has showed up to demonstrate the desire to have their voice be heard and help shepherd the ecosystem forward. About 8,000 wallets have collectively cast more than 300,000 individual votes to determine 300 funded projects in this round. Bringing the total number of projects funded to 1,647 over the course of Catalyst history, with nearly 800 now completed.

What’s Next?

If you did not successfully secure funding in Fund11, we know this is disappointing; the Catalyst team would like to thank all proposers who have shown the courage to participate and innovate regardless of the funding outcome. We hope the feedback you have received encourages you to strengthen your ideas and enter a future funding round.

Funded F11 Proposers

Congratulations! For those of you who received approval for funding - we will be in touch with all the next step details this week. Keep an eye out for a separate e-mail with onboarding tasks.

If you are a co-proposer, ensure your primary proposal owner has a valid e-mail associated with the Ideascale account to receive the communication. You must complete onboarding fully in time to claim the funding. Every proposal must have a primary applicant responsible for the grant altogether.

If you need additional support or help finding onboarding information, which must be completed before noon UTC on the 25th of September, please reach out via email for further assistance.

Fund11 Incentives

Fund11 voting rewards and ecosystem role incentives distribution is planned during mid to late March alongside the first funded project payments. Subscribe to the announcement channel to be notified when that happens.

An extra appreciation to each of you who participated in this round – from making proposals to refining, acting as reviewers, moderators, all the way to voting. Work doesn’t stop now - with more community members then ever participating in onboarding and Catalyst’s community-led accountability program as well.

The list is so long, but we could not have done it without you!



We encourage the community to discuss, debate, and hold retrospectives in the weeks following. Document your discussions in a long-form and share the outcomes widely.

Please feel free to leave feedback in this short survey. We’d greatly appreciate your time helping us fill in the gaps and highlight where you believe Catalyst should focus our attention. The outcome of this survey will be shared publicly with all the key insights.

Thank you

The Project Catalyst Team

NOTE: References in this newsletter to the 3rd party projects, products, and services are provided for information purposes only and are not endorsements. Everyone should carry out their own investigations before relying on the information provided in this newsletter.