Time of day snapshot is taken

I realize snapshots will be taken on January 20th as well as January 25.

At what time of day will the snapshots be taken?

Most wallets show you the exact time in your time zone. It’ 21:45 UTC.

I really appreciate the answer.

I understand what time that is, but I won’t have several hundred thousand ADA until after midnight.

They are invested in something and we’re locked up until the 21st and 22nd. In hindsight that was stupid.

I have however, created several wallets in Daedalus And have selected pools for the Sunday swap drop.

Once I sell what I have tomorrow and Saturday, I’ll buy more ADA.

Then I’ll transfer it into the four wallets that through Daedalus that will stake them to four pools ready to receive the Sundaeswap.

Thank you very much for all your help.

don’t rush, for Sundae Swap you will need to delegate till 25 Jan 21:45 UTC

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