Tips for moving servers

Hello community,

My current servers are running out of disk space and to upgrade with my current provider (Hostens) want several thousands of dollars just to increase disk space of 50GB. I have decided to change servers and before I switch over I just want to check that I haven’t missed anything. So far I have done the following:

  1. Created two new virtualised ubuntu 22 servers (core and relay)
  2. On both servers cardano is synced and running
  3. Both server correctly running as relay and core
  4. Both servers have connections to each other
  5. I have a separate public static ip for the relay server and with the cardano port open (3001) and verified to the outside world.

When I registered my stake pool I use a dns name rather than a static ip address ( just in case I moved servers so I just need to point that dns name to the new ip address. I haven’t done that yet as I wanted to check with the community that i haven’t missed anything before switching.


Looks ok (the steps). Perhaps u have some other customisation to do like install chrony, etc


Thanks Alex, I have deployed chrony on both servers. The only thing I haven’t really configured is the monitoring services but I think I can do that later.

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@demetrio on your DNS settings, you can create a CNAME record (Alias)

CNAME record:

Points to: Public IP

TTL: 14400 (default)

I have now switched my DNS host name to the new relay address. I assume it will take some time for the network to adjust to my new settings. How do I know if the new relay server is now processing transactions and correctly connecting to other relays. I can see this on gLIveView which show transactions and peers. Is that the best way?


Check your topology updater logs message; you must see “glade you are staying with us” (hourly)

Then wait/allow more time for other servers to connect yours. You must have more than 1 IN peers


thank Alex,

The logs look good and now the new relay is connected to 7 peers, so it looks like it’s working fine. There are still 10 peers connected to the old relay so I will keep that operational for now.

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