Tranquility Project

Anyone know anything about this? I would very much like to be a part of this. Who would I contact?

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Um, wrong project.

I first heard Charles mention that he wanted to develop a coin that could be mined via meditation back in 2019. He mentioned a “Tranquility” project in his last AMA alluding this was being worked on.

I’ve got at minimum 10000 hrs of meditation experience, which would make me a “master” by some accounts.

I think you may understand how important having access to a STILL MIND is to making the world a better place. If there’s a crypto that incorporates this tech, it should be Cardano.

Can you pin this down at all, which vids, preferably with time stamps?

My bad, it’s called “Tranquil”. As i mentioned, he commented on this idea back in 2019 or coulda been even 2018 (time and i have an interesting relationship).

I don’t know how to do time stamps but it’s at 1:02:40 after his discourse on Neurolink.

I was thinking it could use current EEG tech to mine using brainwave frequencies.

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I think it is just an idea of his at the moment.


I very much would like to be a part of it. Hook me up bud!


So much so that when ADA hits a buck i would have some $ to invest.