Transaction ( failed) in Active

My transaction is failed but still in active on

What does it mean? How to get my Cardano?
Tax Id : e44c7446c677a2bce81e056f2ee0a964ec5cda09ce7f77fd8999cd8b8c1b22a6




If your transaction is visible on then it was processed


But I can’t see them in my dashboard I am using Yoroi Wallet…
It was processed and sent button Yoroi Wallet it is listed as a failure…

Thank you I can see them now :slight_smile:

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Yes, can be a sync issue … go to settings and re-sync the wallet

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Do you guys see any issue with sending ADA today? I have tried to send ADA to my wallet and I keep getting “failed attempt” notification from our brokerage account. I tried several times and different wallets and still the same issue. Any ideas?