Transaction to not going through and may contain my tokens and nfts!

I’m dealing with trying to mint my first nft’s and setting up an account on Both transactions say they have been sent from my end but keep getting the spinning wheel on the other end. I did the same 13.5 ada transaction yesterday and today.

That part that concerns me is that the transaction i sent tonight has info in the transaction listing all my nfts and token(not many but still my collection). Neither transaction has made it to as i haven’t been credited with anything on that end and I still apparently have all my tokens and nfts in my wallet when i check on

Before I resync my wallet i want to know for sure that outs not going to cause my assets to disappear. I know for a fact that both times I DID NOT click on “send all assets”

Any advice on this one will help. Thanks.

perhaps it is part of the utxo model which sent a part of NFTs and tokens from sender address to another wallet address… anyway check the wallet address on u should see in real time the nft from your wallet … if everything is ok you can re-sync your wallet.

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