Transfer ADA from Bittrex to Binance for later transfer to Deadalus

Hi there comunity, I have some ADA in a Bittrex wallet and I want to transfer to my wallet in Deadalus to stack. The thing is that Bittrex doesnt support cardano network transfer. I have another ADA wallet in Binance, which does support the cardano network transfer required to move them to Deadalus. I did already a small transfer from Bittrex to the Binance cardano network account and from there to Deadalus and it arrived and worked well. Do you think thats something safe to do or will it generate any technical issues in the future I I want to move those ADA withing my Deadalus wallets?
I read somewhere people suggesting to sell the ADA for USDT in Bittrex, then transfer to Binance and then re-buy ADA on Binance and after that transfer, is that necesary or is it safe to just transfer the ADA to Binance and then to Deadalus?
Thanks, Juan.

No that doesnt make any difference. As soon as you have your ADA in your wallet they are in your control :slight_smile:

Great, so its safe to just transfer to Binance and then to Deadalus, and as long as they make it there is safe and good to use them within Deadalus then, right?
Sorry for so much double checking, just wanna make sure I dont screw it, Im not the most tech-skilled guy hahaha

Bittrex supports cardano shelley, so u can send ADA from bittrex to daedalus

First time try with a small amount!


ah OK, even better. I ll have a look.
Thanks for the info man, have a good one.
Cheers, Juan.

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Hi there, thank you Juan for sharing this with us.
For now I would like to ask your opinion on the transfer of some Gimbals from Bittrex to Binance or Coinbase, but after reading a bit I found this article from last month where they explain the network under which other exchanges work and according to what I understand. , If you transfer Ada from Bittrex to Binance or Coinbase, these would be lost because they are ERC20 and not BEP2 or BEP20. Thanks for your help, I would like to know how to make this withdrawal without fear that the tokens will be lost on the way, either to another exchange or to a cold wallet. Thank you all.

Im not sure if i understand you correctly but if you withdraw your ADA from bittrex they arent ERC20 token. They are native Cardano token and can be withdrawn to any wallet like Yoroi, Daedalus or even to another exchange like Coinbase or Binance.