Transferred ADA from Bittrex to Voyager. The coins left Bittrex but never reached Voyager

We need cardano to step in. There are so many ADA missing that were sent to Voyager and Voyager is not responding.

Step in how?

The various Cardano entities (IOG, Emurgo and the Foundation) have zero power over Voyager.

As @erikd said, this is not a problem of “Cardano” but of Voyager.

There is nothing “we” could do about that. If you dont like their service, dont use it.

Wow. My point was to at least let people know their are known issues transferring ADA to Voyager. And maybe put some pressure in them to address it. I’m sure it’s a bug.

“Not my job” isn’t the best way to handle things sometimes

Do you mean something like that?

And by the way it is not my job. Im helping here in my free time.


I’m not trying to withdraw my ADA. I, like hundreds of others, transferred from Yoroi to Voyager bit they aren’t putting it in our accounts. This issue is all over various forums. I’m not trying to argue with you. You guys are awesome. I think comments get taken the wrong way without live interaction. I have had nothing but love and positivity from the Cardano community. I’m just looking for help and when I get this resolved I will be helping others. So thanks again for your help.

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check ur voyager wallet address on … do u see the correct balance?

When I look at the transaction it gives two addresses for “to address” one of them says “stake key not found” and the other shows a balance of 151 ADA and I sent 500

I saw this message also for another address from this topic…

Ya there are so many people with this issue. I’m thinking they’ll show up eventually after Voyager refreshes or something. I’ll keep in them. I see that you help tons of people on here. You’re a good dude! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Hi,could some one look this my problem. I sent ADA from Atomic wallet to binance, but i put wrong address, address was copied from where my last transfer came from when i transferred from binance to atomic. Is this some adress where i sent them some shelley enterprise address?

there is now exact this amount (3060ADA) in this wallet (
Ae2tdPwUPEYxaLnVSa7Bv866QM5Eu7CkePxNdZpMcwviNXvbGhAT8o1dXkp) what i sent stuck, dont know how would have access there or something.

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if someone can figure out this i can pay 300ADAs :smiley:

Hi @jahwe,

If I understand you correctly, so you sent your ADA to Binance wallet address (where this address is used by Binance to send your ADA to Atomic wallet in the past)?

Then the only way is by contacting Binance Support Team. They will try to help you to get your ADA back. Because only Binance has access to this wallet. Hope it helps

Keep ur ada and contact Binance support, they should be able to fix the issue.

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I saw u sent the ADA to Ae2tdPwUPEYxaLnVSa7Bv866QM5Eu7CkePxNdZpMcwviNXvbGhAT8o1dXkp; it looks like a byron address …

Question… do u have/had an exodus wallet? It is possible that u sent the ADA to another wallet/exchange?

i dont have exodus, i have nexo too but i have made transfers only between binance and atomic. What does it mean if this is byron address?

Means that binance should move ur ada from byron wallet to shelley wallet… send them an email… add in email the transaction ID and they should move the ADA to ur wallet

Ok, i will, thank you so much.

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