Trezor to Yoroi from scratch video. How to send Ada to Trezor

Here is my latest video that goes from unboxing the Trezor, to setting up with Yoroi along with sending and receiving Ada.


I watched, liked and left you a comment. Nice job!

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Thank you Adam. I will make a video for Ledger too, and I am surprised by how much I like the Trezor simplicity. However, the Trezor costs twice much as a Nano S. Now the Nano X is coming out… I need to email them to see if they will send me a Nano X for free.

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Thanks for doing these Rick!

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You bet brother. I am working on a super simple Daedalus UTXO video so that mom and pop could understand it.


Great idea thank you!

This is an old video and it still has been the most helpful step by step video I have found for a person new to crypto, Cardano and Trezor. A few differences in some of the setup screens however nothing major. Thanks for your effort and contribution.