Trying to Connect to Yoroi App on my Mac Desktop Monterey 12.5 - Transfer to Leger Nano X -t

I’ve been trying to download the Yoroi App on my Mac Desktop with Monterey version 12.5 so I can move my ADA to my Ledger Nano X. It keeps telling me it doesn’t support the App but it is the latest version. Can anyone help with any information on this or if I can use Google Chrome instead of Safari would that be a workaround? I don’t think so because it is the operating system on my desktop that seems to be the problem. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Yeah i’d definitly use Google Chrome or Brave if you are using browser extensions. I would also recommand using Typhon or Eternl instead of Yoroi, as Yoroi did have some issues the past few months and this also might cause some issues on your side.

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