Undelegate button?

hey dear cardanians,i am staking with scar but because of k=500 going down need to move 2 scar2 i think but i dont see my undelegate button anymore??? hmm so strange or…???only see redelegate putting my arrow on it it dont change to un???

You don’t need to. Just find your desired pool and delegate to it

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thanks mate,but i have seen that button or am i wrong🤔 about it ,seen a fata morgana
thanks for your responce

You can withdraw then decide if you want to undelegate. I wouldn’t recommend that though or your will miss out on rewards. Then when you pick another pool it would take 3 epochs (15 days min) for you to get rewards again.

Where if you just find another pool and delegate to it, you will continue getting rewards from your old pool for those epochs, until you get rewards from your new pool