Upgraded from Byron to Shelley. Transfered tokens now accounts not showing when i log in

Hi I upgraded from Byron to Shelley with no problem. Transfered tokens accross. Now when i try to log in there is no account showing up. I have tried to restore from seed phrase with no luck.It just come up with error. I am wondering if it is because i am unable to uninstall existing wallet before trying to recover via seed.Problem is i cant see old account to uninstall it! bit nervous any help appreciated.
Regards David


What wallet are u using?
When did u moved ur ADA from byron to shelley?
Are u using a HW wallet?


Thanks for your reply.
I am using the 3.2.0 and transfered them two days ago. I did not set up the shelley wallet with a HW wallet. Cant remeber if i used hardware wallet three years ago when i first set up Byron wallet though.

Ok, so 2 days ago u creat a shelleh wallet and moved ur ADA from byron to shelley, and ur ADA were available on Shelley wallet right?

And now? U can’t access ur wallet? What is the message error?

Yes the ADA were available in the shelley wallet.

After entering in my 24 word seed phrase i created an account name then password. When i click to progress it just comes up with “error has occured”

Do u have the seed words(24) for shelley wallet?

Yes. I have entered them trying to restore the wallet but i think i need to cancel the existing wallet before trying to restore. This is where i am having trouble.

Ok, before that; install chrome yoroi extension and try to restore your wallet;

Go to add wallet shelley - restore wallet and check if ur ADA are available in the wallet

Ok Will do.


Just completed that and the ADA are showing up. Thankyou so much for your help it has made my day so much better. Again…Thankyou!!
Regards David

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Ok you are welcome, if u are thinking to delegate u can support my project… it is for children education


No worries at all. I have not delegated before so will check it out. Thanks

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Ok, thx! Now that u know ur ada are in the wallet and ur seed is ok, u can delete ur wallet from daedalus and try to restore it again

Hello Alex, I have a similar but a bit different problem. I use Yoroi connected to my Ledge Nano S, when I connected today I followed the steps that were prompted in Yoroi and validated through my Ledger Nano S . After the upgrade from my Byron-era wallet to Shelley, I see my balance transferred from the Byron wallet but I do not understand where it went and how to get my Yoroi wallet this new address.
Can you help ?

Hmm try to connect the ledger on adalite.io and tell me if there can u see the funds on shelley wallet

PS: I think now on yoroi u should click on add wallet → connect ledger and it should show u the shelley wallet

Hello Alex I did the add wallet and it did appear! So problem resolved. I have one extra question, I always use my Nano S, when would I need the recovery phrase (I lost it:( )?

Hmm , are u talking about the seed words for ledger device (24 words)? If yes u will need to bkp the ledger seed words which u will use it when u will change/restore the ledger device (not cardano wallet)