Users running Daedalus 2.0.0 are not yet able to redeem ITN rewards at this time

In case you didn’t see it. Daedalus cannont redeem ITN rewards just yet.

I was racking my brain on how to restore and came across this.

If this has been fixed, please let me know and apologies in advance.

Yes but applies also to 2.0.1. According to official Telegram Announcements channel:

As per the IOHK team’s response, the recent release of Daedalus Mainnet wallet (2.0.1) was intended to fix bugs and reported issues, not (yet) for allowing ITN rewards/wallets to be redeemable.

This functionality will be added very soon. Please read more details about “ITN Rewards - When and How to Redeem” ( and keep an eye out on IOHK’s official social channels ( for more updates regarding this.

It was possible for me to redeem ADA ITN rewards using the adalite wallet. For it to work:

  1. Send 2 ADA (people complain on the forum that it doesn’t work with 1 ADA) to your ITN rewards wallet /0 shelley address
  2. Once settled and “Refresh” shows 2 ADA balance in your ITN rewards wallet, click on “redeem” next to the rewards amount, verify and submit transaction. Try refresh to see your new balance.
  3. You can now send the total balance of the ITN wallet to another shelley address

No need to wait for Daedalus in that sense.