Various Issues

Deleted, it was an end-user issue!


  1. If it’s a simple yoroi wallet, then when was created a spending password was seted (which should be entered each time when u perform a transaction from wallet).
    If it was connected with ledger then u are right, not spending password needed.

The hardware wallet acts as a wall to any software in the computer trying to access the private keys, because it requires user interaction and the input of a secret pin known only by the user.

  1. The name of the wallet should be yoroi-ledger or something like that by default…
    You can check if u have ada in your ledger device u can go to and try to restore there ur wallet… with ledger hw

  2. It means ledger is waiting for commands

So, go to ledger live and check if u have the last firmware for ledger and last version of cardano app installed

In yoroi also u can go to restore wallet via ledger device and see if u can restore ur wallet or u can try as I said above on


Deleted, it was an end-user issue! Thanks for your help.